Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Making Friends Is Always In Season

Making Friends Is Always In Season

Vacations are usually planned around a holiday or season, or major time off, because let's face it, we want to be able to do something. We want to see something or experience something, right? Otherwise, why leave home?

A Bed & Breakfast is the amazing, comforting-wanderlust-brain-child that we all crave. It keeps us safe, yet shows us something shiny & new! What's not to love?

Go ahead and plan that trip to New Orleans next weekend if it's just the long drive or airfare, and reasonable stay in a quaint little B&B! The real thing you'll be gaining are memories, obviously. Not the type you saw already on social media that made you say, "What the heck?", but the kind of memories that happen when you meet people at your B&B who stay up late with you drinking & playing Scattergories. The kind that happen when the couple who gave you directions to the best Gumbo on the Northshore really paid off & it was. Or when that woman who insisted on singing a traditional native folk song for all the guests at breakfast & it was nothing like you'd ever heard.

These are your memories. These are your new friends...and you find yourself going back often. Not just once a year, not just when it's Thanksgiving or Summer. You don't need a reason...making friends is always in season.

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